Weight Loss Entry #2 – Rough Start

Hey guys and gals, hope your week is treating you well. This is the 2nd entry in my journal. However, this should have been released last week, but ran into technical difficulties. For the future, these will be released on Sunday, which gives me a full week of data.  Well enough of that, let’s get back to the weight loss!


If you missed entry #1, just click here.



I gained .4 lbs this week, to bring my new weight to 215.4!


Below is my current regimen:

 Current Workout Routine:


Day 1: Chest, delts and abs.


Day 2: Triceps, biceps and forearms.


Day 3: Back and traps


Day 4: Legs and abs.


Day 5: Rest Day and then restart the cycle on day 6



               Cardio: Burn 200 calories on 3 out of the 4 days I work out.








Daily Calories: 2333


My workout routine the exact same. However, I reduced my carbs by 20g. I did this because my weight loss has slowed and I need to reduce my caloric intake. Hopefully, this produces positive results. 🙏🏿


Interestingly, I did find an error in how I was tracking the macros of brown rice.


As I am weighing my brown rice, I was noticing that it seemed like a lot more rice than I should be eating. I was going off the preset numbers for brown rice from a member of SparkPeople. Their members are usually great at verifying the numbers, but the thought kept bothering me.

*Sparkpeople (great alternative to MyFitnessPal as a macro tracker).


So I decided to weigh 2 servings of raw brown rice, cook it, and then weigh the cooked rice and compare the numbers to the one from SparkPeople.






I had been eating twice the amount of rice that I should have been eating. I had a funny suspicion, that I was eating more but did not think it was that much more.



If you think something is preventing you my shedding the weight, investigate it once you find out! If I wasn’t proactive to weigh the rice on my own, I would have continued for weeks or even months, before deciding to change something.


And this is what I want from you guys, Be Proactive in your personal weight loss journey!!  If you need help, reach out to me or someone else you trust. If you feel something isn’t right, find out why.

Being passive will block you from reaching your goals in all parts of life.



All in all, this was a good lesson, and I hope to see changes throughout the week.

Until next time.

James, Out.

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