Weight Loss Entry #5 – Keep the Good Times Rollin’

Welcome back, ladies and gent! And if this is your first time, welcome to my weight loss journal. Every week I track my weight loss as I go from overweight back to fit. You can check out my first weigh in here. If you want to learn more about me, check my story here!

In a short recap of Week 4, I had provided the first progress picture of myself since starting my journey.

Losing 2 lbs to a new weight of 211.8 was great


Without further ado, let’s get into Week 5


I came into the week weighing 211.8, and now I am 210.8 lbs. So I lost another pound. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, but I try to aim for 1.5-2lbs a week. Only losing 1 lb is a signal, that my weight loss is starting to slow down.


I am starting to think about either reducing my carbs or increasing my cardio activity. Not sure yet, but if anything changes, you guys will be the 1st to know.


My workouts and macros have still stayed the same as seen below:








As I said last week, and as I will continue to say, “Keep It Simple.” 


There are 1000’s of products on the market that claim that they can help you lean out. And yes, there are some that I think are very necessary (e.g. whey protein). However, a lot of them are unnecessary and a waste of money.


The best way to figure out if you really need something is to think about these 3 questions:

  1. Will I use this item regularly?
  2. Is the item mandatory or the new “flavor of the week”
  3. What do my friends and family think of this item?


Your answers to these questions should line up positively with the item in question. If they do not, then you should seriously question the need for the product.


You should apply this thought process not only to products but to your everyday life!


Thanks again for checking in on me, and I see you guys later!

James, Out

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19 thoughts on “Weight Loss Entry #5 – Keep the Good Times Rollin’

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss journey. Be proud of your self for doing the most difficult part – getting started. On another note, I’ve been hearing a lot about macros lately, but I have yet to understand exactly what that is.

  2. Good luck on your fitness journey, I am working on mine and have started replacing sugar with sweeteners in most things and its helping so far.

  3. My only caution is don’t over react too much based upon one week. Two or three weeks and you have a trend. But one week can be an anomaly. It can be that you are retaining water more that week. Who knows? Just wait a week and see what’s going on.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss so far. It sounds like you’re taking a very healthy approach by combining healthy diet and exercise. I love that you’re writing down your progress, this probably helps you stay on track. Very cool.

  5. Congrats on moving forward with your fitness journey 🙂 Currently working on mine to get ready for an upcoming trip so its wonderful to hear about other on the same path. Sending good vibes!

  6. Congrats to you, still! I’m also on my journey to losing weight, and I’m still on a 10% of my desired weight loss. I’m aiming to lose at least 2 lbs a week. Let’s do this!

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