Weight Loss Entry #7 – Full Circle

Good evening, ladies and gent! Thanks for joining me again on my weight loss journey. This is entry #7. If this is your first time here, thanks for checking out my blog. Every week I track my weight loss as I go from overweight back to fit. You can check out my first weigh in here. If you want to learn more about me, check my story here!

In a short recap of Week 6, I lost 0.8 lb going from 210.8 to 210. I was concerned about reaching a plateau after losing ~2lbs every week. I thought about changing my routine, but I decided to keep the same plan for 1 more week. Did it work?

Yes, it did!!

I went from 210 to 208.4, which is a total loss of 1.6lbs 😃


I did not lose my goal of 2 lbs, yes but I do not care one bit haha. As our bodies get leaner, the expected rate of weight loss decreases. At 220lbs, I had more fat, so any reduction in calories and physical activity would lead to a significant decrease in weight.


However, now that I am getting lower and lower, I cannot expect that same rate of weight loss. Some weeks yeah I could see a 2lb weight loss. But as I get closer to my goal, those 2lb weeks will be far in between.


As always I let you guys know my workout routine and macro data. And as was last week, nothing has changed.


workout www.lifteatshred.com

Total Daily Calories: 2200

macros www.lifteatshred.com

Everything is in check and I feel great.



I was asked last week, “James, I am loving the progress, but how do you stay motivated when you have to lose 20+ lbs?”

Motivation differs from person to person, but for me, its pretty simple. When I was younger, whenever it came to sports I could never keep up with the other kids. My weight plus asthma always held me back. So I always keep that in the back of my mind.

There are a lot of motivation techniques, that I could share, but I don’t want to make this a looooong check up. But I will write about it in the near future.


What I really wanted to talk about is my title, “Full Circle.”

This progress check had some special meaning to me. If you haven’t check out my humble beginnings, I urge you to read it. You’ll understand why I am doing this.

Anyways, when I first started tracking macros August of 2016, I started at 208.4lbs. So, when I saw that I weighed that exact number this week, I took a moment to think about how much has changed in about a year. At that time, all I knew about weight loss was eat less to lose it. But over this last year, I have learned:

  • different forms of exercises
  • the importance of watching what you eat
  • how my body responds to different actions and so much more.


As I said from the beginning, I want to help you guys achieve your goals and that hasn’t changed. Even if it wasn’t something I talked about, contact me if you have any questions about health and fitness.

That went a lot longer than I thought, but what can you do.

Join me next week, as I will post a new progress picture. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys come back again.


Before I go, if you guys want to speak about specific topics (e.g. meal planning, my daily eating, more workouts, or anything else, let me know in the comments) 😁

James, Out.





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12 thoughts on “Weight Loss Entry #7 – Full Circle

  1. It is very much important for us to watch what we eat and our lifestyle too because those can affect our health, diet and physical appearance. We should set our goal, maintain healthy living. May I know what basic workout routine do you do?

    1. Hey Arra, thanks for checking out my post. As far as my workout goes, I posted a table in my post about it. As far as each individual workout, I will do an individual post, so that this reply doesn’t become a page long haha.

  2. Keep up that grind! are you using my fitness pal to track your macros by the way – other than that its looking good so far

  3. I’m really interested on what you actually eat on daily basis. I’m looking for inspiration to improve my daily eatting program! And congrats on your loss! You started and that’s really important. Keep going!

    1. Hey Apostolia, in about a week or 2, I will do a daily eating day. However, not sure if I’ll do a vlog or written post.

  4. Way to go with your weight loss this week! A loss is still a loss, no matter big or small. I’m a nutrition coach at our gym and I know (as do you) that even if we’re not losing, our bodies are still changing. Especially if you’re following the macro nutrient ratios that you are. I love too how you’re changing up your workouts and getting a great mix of everything in (+ a rest day). You’re really an inspiration!

  5. With each pound you loose the stronger you get mentally, emotionally, and physically… keep up the awesome work and never give up! thanks for sharing your story, I’m sure it will inspire those trying to loose weight : )

  6. Bravo for you for being consistent and persistent, I wish I could do that too. I try to lose a few pounds from time to time but my efforts usually don’t stay any longer that a week.

  7. You are doing great! Even if it is not exactly 2 pounds that you lost this week, weight loss is STILL weight loss. I wish you well on your journey to health.

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