Weight Loss Entry #8 – And We Keep Moving Along

Good evening, ladies and gent! Thanks for joining me again on my weight loss journey. This is entry #8. If this is your first time here, thanks for checking out my blog. Every week I track my weight loss as I go from overweight back to fit. You can check out my first weigh in here. If you want to learn more about me, check my story here!

In a short recap of Week 7, I lost 1.6 lbs going from 210 to 208.4. I had finally broken through my “plateau” and was very excited about the results.

But now onto week 8!

As of this week, I weighed in at 207.2lbs. So I lost a total of 1.2lbs.

My workout plan and macro plan are as follows. As you can see everything has stayed the changed.

Weight Loss Entry #8 - And We Keep Moving Along



I know people think changing things is good every once in a while. This is true to an extent. But, if you are losing weight and feel great, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!! No need to get cute with it. Get the results you are looking for and move on.

It is a very interesting phenomenon that I have noticed with me! One week, I could be happy and excited for the following week. And then there are other weeks, where my results are not where I want them, and I become frustrated.

Oh well, I guess its the roller coaster ride of weight loss.

Normally, I ramble on about random topics that can range from staying motivated to eating on vacation. However, I have gotten very busy over the last couple of weeks, so I have to cut this entry short. But, don’t fret, this will not be a normal thing. Once I get everything back in order, I will start to write on a more consistent schedule.

Have a Good Week!

James, Out.

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